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date: 04/13/22

Myth of Empires Distribution Partnership Overview

What is a distributor?

Only those who have been officially approved for a distribution partnership can serve as distributors. Each distributor will have a unique distribution link and QR code.



Distributors’ income

When a distributor shares his/her distribution link or QR code to a third party, and that third party successfully purchases a Myth of Empires international edition CDKey through the link or QR code, the purchase order will count towards the distributor. The distributor will then be entitled to receive a corresponding income in accordance to the agreed upon revenue share percentage.



1. Distributor income = Total sales amount x Revenue share %

2. The revenue share percentage will be agreed upon by both parties and may be subject to adjustment during the partnership based on the performance, including increasing the revenue share percentage.



How to apply for the partnership?

1. Log into the international official website:

2. Click on “Contact us for partnership – Distribution partnership application” in the menu to review the distribution partnership overview and application method.

3. Prepare the required application materials and email them to:

4. After the application is approved, we will reply through email or other means of contact specified by you and inform you of the result.

5. If the partnership is approved, our official personnel will contact you and let you know of the partnership process as well as discuss other details with you.



Application by email

1. Contact name

Must be 18 or older, partnership with minors not allowed


2. Contact info



3. Your key strengths

Tell us about your key strengths, such as your operation platform, your personal page, products, number of followers, etc. If you are a live streamer, video creators or other kind of creators, those with a large following will be considered first. There is no restriction on platforms.



Special note:

1. Due to the special nature of the distributed product, no refund for any reason will be allowed.

2. Once the minimum withdrawal threshold is met, distributors may apply for withdrawal once each month. Once approved, the transfer will be conducted within the designated time in the following month.

3. Once a partnership is established, if the distributor does not generate any transaction within a calendar month, we will terminate the partnership.



Tiered revenue share overview

Note: Once a purchase order is successfully made through a distributor, if the total number of CDKey sold qualifies for the next tier, meaning moving from the current tier up to the next one, the income for the said purchase order will still be calculated based on the revenue share percentage of the current tier.